Celebrate Black History Month at the African American Heritage Museum

February 05, 2018

This February, honor Black History Month with a visit to the African American Heritage Museum in Atlantic City. You’ll find more than 11,000 pieces displayed on a rotating basis, and this is the only African American Heritage Museum in the state that documents the African American experience of the 20th Century. Additionally, the Museum maintains a collection of Atlantic County soldiers’ memorabilia at the All Wars Memorial Building.

This collection of mementos is representative of soldiers who fought in World War I up to those who are currently serving in the military. The idea for the museum came from its founder, Ralph E. Hunter, Sr., who began collecting cultural items during his travels. After years of collecting, his friends began referring to Hunter’s apartment as “the museum,” and the notion took root. The idea became reality in 2002, and the collection has continued to grow. The museum is currently located at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center. For more information, call (609) 350-6662.