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The Absecon Lighthouse: An Atlantic City Landmark

August 26, 2016

Famous for its magnificent views and rich history, it’s one of the oldest lighthouses in America. Before its construction, Absecon Beach was known as “Graveyard Inlet” due to the 64 shipwrecks that occurred in the 10 years before the lighthouse was built and first lit in 1857.

The Absecon Lighthouse is located at Pacific and Rhode Island Avenues in Atlantic City, only four blocks away from the Showboat Hotel. A quick walk over and a brisk climb up the lighthouse’s 228-step spiral staircase will bring you to the top, where breathtaking views of the Atlantic City skyline await, along with Buddy, the friendly and knowledgeable keeper of the lighthouse. Your trip to New Jersey just got a whole lot brighter!

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